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At, our primary objective is to offer you a hassle-free experience when downloading the latest versions of top-notch software. We pride ourselves on delivering a platform devoid of intrusive pop-ups or spyware and ensuring that only high-quality software finds its way to your devices.



    • Curated Selection: We prioritize quality over quantity, providing only the best software options.

    • High-Speed Servers: Our servers boast lightning-fast 100Mb connections, guaranteeing swift downloads.

    • Version Retention: We archive previous software versions, allowing you to revert to an older version if the latest update doesn\’t meet your expectations.

    • Security Assurance: Rest assured, all software available on is thoroughly scanned and certified to be 100% free of spyware and viruses.

    • Filtering Options: Customize your browsing experience by filtering to display only freeware or non-beta software.

    • Download Management: Enjoy full support for download resumption and compatibility with download managers.

    • Comprehensive Information: Access detailed change logs and technical specifications for each download.

    • RSS Feeds: Stay updated with the latest software releases, category updates, and individual program news through our RSS feeds.

    • Enhanced Servers: Benefit from our new European and US-based download servers for improved accessibility.

    • Optimized Browsing: Experience faster browsing with our optimized website pages.

Software Submissions We prioritize user needs and preferences and, therefore, do not accept software submissions from publishers. Our team diligently monitors the software market to identify and add popular software options to our platform.

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